North Mountain Rambling
Country Dreamer
high & lonesome
A Denim Fall

10-21 Blues
American Darling
Angels In Her Eyes, Devil In Her Grin
Beautiful Canyon Of Sad Dreams
Big Sur Ramble
Border Song
Brouck Ferris
Can You Hear My Guitar?
Chuck's Song
Cracks In A Straw House
Dead Again
Dreamin' With You
Gettin' Dirty
Givingthanks Song
Go Back To When
Had Been
Hard Times of America
Home Sweet Home
How Do
I'll Take You Home
Leading Ladies & Final Bows
My American Quilt
My Axle Is Broken
Nothing Left To Save
Old Oak And Chicory
On Every Lane
Paris, Texas Twice
Rectangle Leaf Cake Raga (aka Intro)
Rings Cannot Hold Them In
Shotgun Rider
Sing Me An Old Song
Stop Stealing My Memories
Straight Shooter
That's Just The Way We Roll
The Ayahuasca Shuffle
The Ballad of Dean and Brando
The Girl Without Country
The Morning After
Theme From Texas, America
Things of America
Tin Roof Star
Virginia Anne
You & Me Rag
You Can't Trust
You Won't Find A Better Man (To Treat You Right)