Roll Magazine, July 2011

       Though they’ve each made a name for themselves as solo artists, David Kraai and Amy Laber have come together as a duo for the first time, with their initial salvo in the once-again-popular 7” single format.

       The two-sided single is an ideal showcase for what the two bring to the partnership, with Laber taking lead vocals on the a-side and Kraai on its flip.

       Laber, who also plays guitar and banjo, sings “From New Orleans to the Moon” with a countrified voice that likely represents the folk side of the coin. Kraai’s vocals, as heard on “Border Song,” are on the outlaw side of the spectrum, full of travels over dusty paths. Kraai also plays guitar, mandolin and harmonica, with the latter lending “From New Orleans to the Moon” a Dylanesque depth to the romantic melody. “Border Song” is at once sparser and a bit more ominous, somehow delivering all the power of a full electric band through the two musicians and their shared harmonies.

       The limited edition vinyl single is available through their website, and comes with an individually numbered picture sleeve, a poster of original art by Kraai, and a digital download code for those who prefer to enjoy their music on the go. The website also features a free download of “You Can’t Trust,” on which Kraai and Laber trade vocals over a country shuffle that feels like a horse clip-clopping joyously down the trail.

Musicians Return to the Past with 45 Release; Poughkeepsie Journal, May 6, 2011

       Speaking with musicians David Kraai and Amy Laber this week brought back a memory I haven't thought about in — let's see, 33 years. I was speaking to these musicians this week about the David Kraai & Amy Laber Band show set for the High Falls Cafe in High Falls on Saturday night. You can expect originals, covers, country-folk and music in the vein of Waylon Jennings, Loretta Lynn and Merle Haggard, for starters. But what brought me back to my childhood, and one of my first forays into liking pop music, was the plan by Kraai and Laber to release a 45. Yup. That's right. A record with one song on each side that dates back to the early days of rock 'n' roll. The "45" refers to the rpm, or "revolutions per minute" the vinyl disc makes on a turntable.

       For their project, Laber will have one song and Kraai will have the other. My experience relates to the first 45 I ever bought, at the Caldor department store, which featured "YMCA" by the Village People. That logo for Casablanca Records, with the oasis in the desert, has remained with me for more than three decades. But I digress!

       Kraai and Laber will fuse the past with the present, and include a free digital download with the 45. Completing the package is a poster designed by Kraai. Head on over to to check out the two songs on the 45, as well as a clever duet on a tune about a lack of faith in the opposite sex. You can also listen to Laber, whose vocals are passionate and maintain the spirit of June Carter Cash. Kraai's singing has a rougher edge and made me think of Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes.

       On Saturday, you can hear these two musicians perform for the first time in public with their new band — Charlie Kniceley on bass; Chris Ragucci on drums; and Josh Roy Brown on guitar and lap steel. In addition to singing on Saturday, Laber will play guitar and banjo. Kraai will sing and play guitar, mandolin and harmonica. I can say with near certainty that "YMCA" by the Village People will not be on their setlist.

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